Time to get healthy

I used Visalus last year and lost almost 10 pounds in just a month. Don’t ask me why I stopped doing it but now I am ready to start again. I am always skeptical about diet products and what is in them and how they will affect me. But Visalus is not a diet product, it is a meal replacement. You drink two shakes a day one for breakfast, and one for lunch, it’s that simple and they taste great. The best part is you can mix in different flavors to change up each meal. My favorite in the morning is making the shake with orange juice, it tastes like an Orange Julius. I have never felt better then when I use Visalus I have more energy my aches and pains go away and the best the eczema on my skin actually clears up! If you want more information on how to transform your life by losing weight and getting healthy let me know. The picture below is not me but it is a real person who did the 90 day challenge. I use the shape kit which is $99 for a one month supply, which breaks down to $3.30 a day or $1.15 per meal which is a lot less than a value meal at McDonalds and a lot more healthy. Please visit my promoter page at http://jennyg910.myvi.net/ to read more about the program. I promise you will not be disappointed and I would not promote something that does not work. If you have any other questions you can also email me at southhillsmom@gmail.com it’s time to get healthy!





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